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Long-term video-EEG monitoring has become a mainstay of modern neurological diagnosis and treatment. It has proven critical for differentiating epilepsy from psychogenic events, sleep disorders and other mimickers of seizures. In addition, video-EEG monitoring can characterize the frequency and type of epileptic seizure, as well as localize the area of the brain from which ictal events originate.

Unfortunately, in-hospital monitoring over several days is often not possible for a variety of reasons. Ambulatory EEG systems offer a cost effective alternative. Patients have electrodes applied to their head as an outpatient and go home with a miniature amplifier and recorder on a belt pack. One-to-three days later the patient returns to be disconnected and the data is downloaded to a computerized reading station where it may be interpreted by a neurologist.

Monarch's Video EEG Process

  • Physician refers a patient for a video EEG study by faxing a signed referral form to Monarch
  • Monarch performs insurance pre-certification prior to patient scheduling
  • Patient is set up by an experienced EEG technologist. This set up can occur either in the patient's home or referring physician's office
  • EEG and video data are continuously recorded to allow for the capture of patient activity. The patient is provided with a 24 hour support line number.
  • Up to 72 hours later, the EEG technologist returns to disconnect the equipment, download the EEG data, and verify the quality of the recording.
  • Referring (or reading) physician conducts an interpretation of the results.
Physician Login Long Term Monitoring

What We Provide:

  • All necessary diagnostic equipment
  • Registered Technicians
  • Flexible patient scheduling
  • Billing and collections
  • Insurance pre-certifications
  • The ability for physicians to read their own studies

Physicians have no up front cost for equipment or software and take on no additional payroll for technicians. The doctor’s office fills out the certificate of medical necessity and sends it to us - then Monarch takes care of everything else.